Display and instrument cluster repairs

Blinking or totally not lighting up display, fading colors, mechanical damage of gauges, displays and touch panels. Those are only a few of possible malfunctions in panels and monitors of machinery. We repair displays in almost any model of any producer, retaining original settings.


ECU repairs

Failure of control unit is a big deal and it shouldn’t be disregarded. Most of the time it means incorrect controlling, partial loss of functionality of machine or it’s complete immobility. Thanks to our experience in such cases, we can quickly and precisely diagnose and repair your ECU.


Programming and mileage correction

Most of controlling modules and other electronics is mounted inside machine and programmed to work with that exact setup. To properly repair electronics programming is often necessary, for example, when swapping your part for a new or used one coming from different machine. It is good to set parameters to fully reflect actual state of machine.



Panel repairs

Broken buttons, keyboards, dials, touch panels, joysticks. These are common failures in heavily working equipment. They make operating a lot harder and sometimes entirely not possible. Even then you can count on our company.